The Your Club Cloud is an online member centric gym management system.

Your Club is a cloud based gym management software solution taking your members through their exercise journey from online joining to usage based exercise plans and meal plans. Start to understand your members to interact, market and support them effectively to keep them attending your facility. 

Your Club Cloud – Gym Management Software

Member management

View details of your live, cancelled and defaulted members. View their personal information, payment information, training information, door access level and health stats. Having all this information at your fingertips allows your club to market, manage and support your members effectively.

Online Joining / Payment Integration

Online joining allows member to join from home without taking up your staff’s valuable time. The Your Club System will fully integrate into your payment provider to provide keep your membership database up to date ensuring that only paying members access your facility.

Door Access integration

Your Club allows for a fully integrated approach to managing your door access system. The Your Club traffic light system will send weekly emails, educational document’s, exercise plans and food plans based on their goal and drop out risk.

Online Class

Allow your member to book their induction and classes online once they complete their online PARQ saving staff time and allowing members to view their previous and upcoming classes.

Member Usage Levels

Every member will be given a traffic light usage level based on their entries to your facilities. Members will then receive automatic emails based on this level but also their goal. View Reports to see who has entered your facility, number of entries, and drop out risks over a set period of time.